They were lovely and pleasant in their lives

and in their death they were not divided

12:00 noon, every year

Annual Graveside Service at Evergreen Cemetary

The annual graveside ceremony is conducted by Holy Trinity Episcopal Church (the Harpers were Episocpal missionaries, on their way to medical service in the Great War). Less than 30 Sophia victims are buried at Evergreen Cemetary (the majority went on to Mountain View Cemetary in Vancouver). The names of those buried in Evergreen are read aloud, and it is often windy. The 2018 ceremony was attended by around 40 people, including relatives of those who perished, and cast members from the Princess Sophia Opera, one of whom sung a lullaby from the opera. Services were led by Fr. Gordon Blue, who also delivered a benediction at the Remembrance Ceremony at the APK later that day. [You can learn more about the Harpers from author Mary Ehrlander.]

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