not just the sorrows but

the joys as well

A fudraiser presented by the Juneau Yacht Club

Last Sailing Steamship Dinner

Even though the sinking was a tragedy of exceptional quality, -or, perhaps because of this fact- we must remember that those who perished were human beings, capable of great joy and mirth. In honor of their last great celebration before leaving Skagway for warmer climes -some having made great fortunes- the Juneau Yacht Club created a detailed (and delicious) sold-out dinner celebration in their honor, complete with an authentic steamship menu and 19-teens period clothing, to help raise funds for the many anniversary installations and projects undertaken in 2018. Here's to those lost, their joys as well as their pains, and to the indomitable human spirit. Cheers.

(Photos courtesy of Annette GE Smith, Heather O'Claray, and Tom Dawson)

Juneau Yacht Club