[ARCHIVE COPY: Mr. Fisk was Elected Mayor of Juneau on October 6th, 2015]

Jill Ramiel, owner, Silverbow Inn: "Greg is creative and hardworking. He’ll find solutions that benefit all of Juneau."

Doug Trucano, owner, Trucano Construction: "Greg knows what small businesses need. He’ll keep our friends and neighbors working."

Bruce Botelho, former mayor of Juneau: "Greg has the vision to make Juneau one of the best small cities in America and the experience to make it happen."

Sally Smith, former mayor of Juneau: "Greg is an all-around person, knowledgeable from economic development to the arts. He gets how it all works together to make a whole community."

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Like you, I love Juneau, and believe our best days are ahead. Let’s build a stronger and more diversified economy, create and protect good jobs, make Juneau more affordable, and find solutions to the issues facing our community. I’ll work hard to provide the active and innovative leadership we need right now to make Juneau the best possible Capital City for Alaska.

What Juneau’s next mayor must do:

Focus on growing our economy by:

  • Vigorously promoting Juneau and attracting new investment;
  • Building strategic public infrastructure that supports private business investment;
  • Really using public / private partnerships;
  • Actively investing in our community - if we won’t, who will?

Protect existing jobs and create / attract new ones by:

  • Working with our state and federal partners to ensure existing jobs stay in Juneau - and that others that should be in Juneau are moved here;
  • Supporting and strengthening our industries like tourism, mining, construction, manufacturing and commercial fishing.

Make Juneau more affordable, especially for our seniors & working families by:

  • Actively investing in housing;
  • Balancing our budget fairly and responsibly;
  • Finding solutions that will save you money.
Keep Juneau as a great place to live and raise a family by:
  • Supporting full funding of our schools;
  • Increasing childcare and pre-K education opportunities;
  • Enhancing our vibrant arts & cultural scene.

These are actions and qualities that Juneau needs in a mayor. For more discussion on these themes and specific ideas, check out the Issues and Ideas page.

I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, October 6th.


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