I'm asking for your vote October 7

[This is an archive copy of Jesse's site. Mr. Kiehl was re-elected to the Juneau City Assembly on October 7th, 2014]

Juneau has a bright future. It's been my honor to serve you on the Assembly since 2011, and we've made progress on housing, education, infrastructure and building the kind of community where people want to live, raise families, start businesses, and retire. There's more to do, and I'm asking for another term to make Juneau an even better capital city.

In the next three years I'll work to bring school funding back up to the cap, encourage more housing development and stay focused on revitalizing downtown. I'll keep pushing for solutions to our solid waste issues, a sustainable budget, and improvements to the airport Alaskans use to access the capital.

I appreciate your support! Use the links to the right to learn more about me, what I'm doing for Juneau, and how you can help.

Thank you, and please remember to vote on October 7th.